Giordano Bruno
Leonardo da Vinci
Arturo Meuniot / Denis Diderot,
they fanned a desire to succeed.

Albert Einstein, who understood.

Alfred Korzybski, who helped me understand.

David Riesman, Nevil Shute,
and then, Ayn Rand,
gave me the courage to stand alone.

Linus Pauling
Mario Rabinowitz,
they read and, approvingly, tolerated.

Philip Morrison, who pointed the way to
C.A. Bjerknes and Einstein.

K.M., never far away.
Ray Knurek, who taught me long division.
Ms. Pearl, at Madison Elementary, started the journey by encouraging a maverick.

Carolyn, who proofread much of the original material and introduced me to some of those above; and . . . suffered through all of it for nearly 50 years; and, sons, Paul and Ian, who suffered for a lesser time.

Toni, who was supportive;
whenever, it was required;
as were Wuan, Indranee, and Tarita.

And, of course, beginning with
W(illiam) C(hristopher) Handy,
all the myriad blues and jazz performers;

and, their brethren
swingers and syncopaters who followed
in the tradition of Ellington.

They all provided continuous background
and inspiration during the
years of research and production.

Many others, such as Voltaire, Tesla, Veblen,
and Paz, belong here; possibly, even Patricia Schwarz,
their spirit and quotations

are found throughout this work.

January, 2000             

        Many thanks to all . . .




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