Conceptual Ellipse (CE)     

A Conceptual ellipse underlies the simplest phenomenon that exists . . . an Oscilloid, which is the building block for all the phenomena within Reality.

The moment there is seminal motion, its effect, or pulse, is described by that of a rotating Conceptual ellipse.

Besides demonstrating simplicity, a Conceptual ellipse, also, illustrates the most complex; because, it generates the characteristics of all phenomena through spatial revolutions, time, and harmonic iterations. 

A Conceptual ellipse is the crux of the statement:  By definition the simplest is the most complex . . . and the most complex is the simplest.

No two Conceptual ellipses, generated by different integers, can be similar; and, every Natural integer generates a Conceptual ellipse.

The geometry of Conceptual ellipses underlies the proof of "One," which is required to support the theory of mathematics, which in turn supports the theories and paradigms of . . . physics. 

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{See: Brunardot's Theorem; and,
Corollaries to Brunardot's Theorem.}

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