Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR)     

The most salient feature of the Equilibrium Theory of Reality is its four Congeneric Realms, which account for the perpetuity of Reality . . . the Universe.

The four Congeneric Realms of Reality do not have a beginning realm, as there is no beginning nor end to Reality.  There is, however, a procedural order, which is a component of "setting" the "arrow of time."  The procedural order is from the Realm of Coalescence to the Realm of Propagation to the Realm of Compression to the Realm of Dissipation; and then, back to the Realm of Coalescence . . . ad infinitum.  Again, this cycle has no beginning nor end.

Congeneric is a term which signifies that the realms of Reality co-exist; one might say that they are congruent; or possibly, one within the other.  They are relative to each other.  They are neither linear nor non-linear . . . the realms of Reality are congeneric.

In simplified, heuristic, terms; it can be said that energy coalesces (Ephemeloids) and, then, propagates (Oscilloids) to a critical point at which mass, or matter, is formed (Ultrons); which then compresses to a critical point at which atoms are formed; the atoms then dissipate until coalescence begins; and then, the cycle repeats . . . ad infinitum.

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