IPSO is an acronym for the underlying processes of Intelligence (Inquiry/Imagination/Individualism, Idealism, Innovation, Inquiry, Philosophical Logic, Scientific Method, and Observation).

Also, the acronym "II" (Intelligent Inquiry) has much the same meaning.

The acronym II is used more generally; and, IPSO is used when emphasis is intended to be put more upon the aspect of Individualism than the other underlying processes of Intelligent Inquiry.

Individualism/Imagination respects the filtering process of a persons mind regarding all the symbolic connotations and concepts that are received from an individual's senses.

An interpretive artist within the Performing or Creative Arts is an excellent example of illustrating a "truth" with an emphasis upon Individualism/Imagination.

Another example can be that of an individual respecting a personal god (possibly, an organizing principle, or creative force) without the intervention of another person or organization.

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