Taisoid is an acronym for Tangent infinity spheroid.

A Taisoid is a compressed Pulsoid, which evolves to an atom when it reachs a point of critical compression.  Groups of critically compressed Tasoids manifest as Quasars and Gamma Ray Bursts.

Tasoids, unlike Pulsoids, exhibit all the phenomena of mass.  All Reality, which is limited by Infinity, is constructed of Tasoids and Pulsoids.

Tasoids are either Ultrons or atoms, which are, respectively, within the realms of Compression and Dissipation.

Tasoids are composed of hyper-relativistic, tangent, pulsating, spinning, spheroids, which are supported by an infinite number of similarly, alternating, pulsating spheroids.  The curvature of all spheroids, within Tasoids, are always integers in the manner of Tangent, Infinite Integer (Tini) Circles.  Thus, the pulses of Taisoids are solitonic, non-linear, and perpetual.  

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