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Author's Note     

For the most part, Brunardot's Website is intended to be concise, heuristic, and two-dimensional; so as not to be over burdensome; it is written to be understood by most persons; though, some reflection and re-reading may be required because of its unique position regarding many of its conclusions.

Naturally, because of its uniqueness, much of the subject material, by its nature, tends to be non-intuitive; this is particularly so for the more mature and professional person who is more likely to have acquired thorough, and extensive, classical knowledge and/or undergone extensive, impressed, cultural experiences that have created a "comfort level" with current theory.

An excellent approach, for many persons, to help with understanding Conceptualism is to read the materially, at first, rapidly without being concerned with what is not understood.

As reading progresses, it will be noted that there is much repetition of important concepts.

This repetition and a comprehension of the overall material should assist with an understanding of the details.

Hopefully, for the reader, many early questions and doubts will resolve themselves.  And, hopefully, a level of interest will begin which will motivate a rereading of that which was at first not well understood. 

Understanding is greatly assisted when a person is well aware of a subject's overview for the subject that is trying to be understood.

Much of our educational system resembles twelve years of having an architectural trainee hammer nails without ever showing the trainee a structure and its environment.

Until the spirit is broken, acquiring knowledge is fun and insatiable.  Knowledge acquisition begins as one of the most basic drives of a human being . . . for most this drive is blunted.

Those familiar with the whole of Conceptualism have indicated that the logic flows much more smoothly than any current cosmogonic theory; and, another plus, unlike the modern academic environment, confusing faith is reduced to an infinitesimal  minimum.

Little current theory is left standing, thus, the Paradigm Shift theme; however, it is quite ironic that very little of said current theory does not remain relevant.

Conceptualism, mostly, focuses on the etiology of phenomena prior to current theory; and . . . the applications of this new knowledge; so as to better equip all persons to live within the environment of Reality.

The Big Bang theory; and Black Holes at the center of galaxies, or anywhere else; are probably the major casualties.  For the technically minded: quarks with their fractional charges; and neutrinos, without mass, are also discarded; as is much of quantum theory, except for its computational tools.  The big winners are "string" and "membrane" theory.

Conceptualism; though a Paradigm Shift, adds to most current theory.

The goal of Conceptualism is more to unite Science, Theology, and Philosophy; than to solve the enigmas of Cosmology and Physics.  Though, certainly, the impenetrableness of most enigmas is ameliorated.

Note for those that are more technically-minded than the website material as presented addresses:  The author has written extensively on the subjects of Conceptualism and Cosmogony for more than ten years; and . . . the Unified Concept, with little change, since the spring of 1955.  These writings are available upon request

For further clarifying information, to be either posted, anonymously, if requested, on this Website; or E-mailed, or snail mailed . . . please contact the author; or better, discuss the issues with colleagues.

The principles of Intelligent Inquiry have been assiduously applied to every step of Conceptualism over most of the second half of the twentieth century.

Upon request; anonymity, concerning any information exchange, is assured.  Without ever breeching confidentiality, the material, herein, has been confidentially discussed with Nobel laureates and world-class thinkers in many varied disciplines, for over forty-four years.


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"Plug in" programs are not required; but, they may enhance some superfluous effects.

Formatting and dynamic HTML effects with other browsers and smaller monitors may be unpredictable.

Even the above referenced browsers do not handle all effects in the same manner; Internet Explorer will probably be the most reliable, and should be the browser of choice, if you have both browsers available.

Shortly, a separate website, www.brunardot.com/ns/ will be available for Netscape aficionados.

If you only have Netscape available, E-mail Brunardot@aol.com for the latest information to view this site without the loss of some data and text on many of the pages .

Some effects run in one of the major browsers and not the other; and vice versa.

If for any reason the text seems irregular try adjusting the text size . . . usually to a smaller size. (Select the browser's "view" menu to adjust the text size.)

Every effort has been made to design this website for all environments; however present, turn-of-the-millennia, technology has some limitations.

Please report any glaring problems that you may be experiencing.  Every effort will be made to alleviate annoying platform idiosyncrasies.

Thank you for your patience.

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There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
which proclaims perpetuity

and the nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.


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