There is one Universe.
It is perpetual, in equilibrium; and,

a manifestation of the . . . Unified Concept;


Science, Theology, and Philosophy

are a single discipline, which proclaims the

perpetuity and nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.

Infinity, Reality, and the Unified Concept must be thoroughly understood to have an intuitive grasp of the environment in which we live.  Once an intuitive, personal perception concerning these concepts is established most everything else, concerning our environment, is little more than the conventions of academic physics and the other sciences . . . one logical step after another.  It is an understanding of Reality, requiring minimum faith, that is required to eliminate the confusions of existence, which now require deleterious myths and superstition, of every kind, to allay uncertainty.

If there must be faith, it should not go beyond the concepts of Infinity, Reality, and the Unified Concept.

The following definitions are purposefully terse.  The intention is an overview rather than a pedantic exercise.  Generally, an understanding of non-intuitive concepts cannot be forced; understanding, familiarity, and use will come with context usage, repetition, and subconscious thought.


Understanding Infinity is a prerequisite to understanding Reality, which is the environment in which we live.

Describing Infinity, to those that haven't considered the concept requires much repetition, introspection, and circular argument.

is very difficult to understand because it does not exist; it is a singularity . . . nothing else is like it; it is unique in every sense.  Everything that Reality is; Infinity is not.

Infinity has no physical properties by which it can be described.

Infinity is a limit beyond Reality that cannot be reached from Reality.

Infinity can only be described in the negative . . . as to that which it is not.

A somewhat positive description concerning Infinity is that Infinity is an absolute . . . a singularity.  Or, it might be said that Infinity is the only provable concept . . . precisely because: Infinity cannot be disproved.

The locus of Infinity is speed; not distance as is generally, or intuitively perceived.  This locus is at both motionlessness and infinite speed.  Thus, there is only ONE Infinity . . . simultaneously and congruently at both the infinite and the infinitesimal extremes of Reality.

The INFINITE and the INFINITESIMAL have the SAME locus.  This concept is very important and very counterintuitive.

Deep within every subatomic particle the infinitesimal is approached; and, beyond the furthest Cosmic phenomena the infinite is approached; both loci are "the same place". . . the place that cannot "be gotten to" from Reality.  If you could "look" out to the infinite, you would be looking out from every atom that has existed or that will exist; not, as some speculate: you would not see the back of your head because of "space-time" curvature.

Infinity, is a limit that cannot be reached within Reality; and, absolute motionlessness and infinite speed cannot be attained within Reality; therefore, if Infinity is unreachable and a singularity, "no motion" and "ultimate motion" are a singularity.  Thus, there is no difference between the extreme limits of Reality.  Both limits of Reality, the infinite and the infinitesimal, are unreachable; and therefore, are Infinity . . . of which there is only one.

Mathematicians consider many types of the infinite; often more than forty.  The infinites of mathematics are not truly the Infinity of Conceptualism; there is only one Infinity.  For instance: the numbering system is NOT Infinity; no matter how large the number, it is possible to "get to it"; and, add another number.  Infinity cannot "be gotten to" as any number (that must be within Reality) can be "gotten to."

Words that connote, or are equivalent to, Infinity are: UnReality, Oneness, motionlessness, an absolute, a singularity . . . anything that is not of Reality.

Infinity is absolute . . . something like: nothing to the extreme.


Reality is the opposite of Infinity.  Reality is everything that exists; as UnReality is everything that does not exist. 

Another word for Reality is Universe; Universe has strong connotations to many persons concerning the Cosmos, while Reality connotes, to many, the near anthropic environment.  Within Conceptualism, both terms, Reality and Universe, have identical meaning.

The Unified Concept is a theory concerned with the phenomena that occurs from motion between the extremes of Infinity.  The Unified Concept manifests as a form of energy from the seminal motion that subsequently evolves to mass and . . . then Light.

The Unified Concept uses the arithmetic and mathematics of Unimetry to explain the formation of twelve related solitons, which comprise an ultron.  It is the ultron that manifests as the "missing," "exotic" dark-matter structures that "hold the Universe together."

Ultrons evolve to atoms and Light when they are critically compressed within quasars and gamma ray bursts.

{See: Note UC}


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There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
which proclaims perpetuity

and the nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.


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