String theory's logic has several missing links.  They are areas that have not been adequately addressed . . . that must be settled before String theory, or its derivatives, can become viable candidates for the "Theory of Everything" (TOE).

Some of the unresolved problems of String theory are:

1.)   What are "Strings"? -i.e., What is their etiology?  What are they "made" from?  Where have they come from?  Where are they going?  What is their internal structure?

2.)   How, or do, the "Strings" that comprise mass and Light differ?

3.)   How does String theory explain the mechanical evolution of Life . . . to Conscious Design?

4.)   Other String theory problems are such as: How does the creation of "Strings" reconcile with the Big Bang theory of creation?  And, what, exactly, is the relationship of "Strings" to the forces of Light
and Gravity . . . and, time?  Et cetera.

If the "Strings" of String Theory are considered to be ellipsoids in the manner of Pulsoids, as described heuristically by Pulsoid Theory's Brunardot Ellipses; and, the "Strings" are within a congeneric environment, such as the Equilibrium Theory of Reality, all the discussed difficulties can be rather easily resolved.


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There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
which proclaims perpetuity

and the nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.


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