a . . . Paradigm Shift ! 

Understanding the Singularity of Reality,
as described by mathematics and physics,
begins with Infinity and seminal motion;
and thus is found,
the Conceptual Unit, CU, One,
as manifested by said motion,
that is heuristically described by the:

Brunardot Theorem: c2 = 2v2 - s2.

The Brunardot Theorem describes
every ellipse; thus:

the Brunardot Theorem is to an ellipse
Pythagoras' Theorem is to a right angle.

And, when d - 2s = CU = 1,
then, v = p2.

The significance of
the vector equaling
the perigee squared is that
the Conceptual Unit, One,
is directly related to
squares of dimensions and the ellipse,
both of which are
salient qualities
of seminal motion; and,
both qualities
are omnipresent
throughout Reality.