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Where Antimatter Resides Explains an Enigma



                    Below is rough draft

The mystery is how...matter came to exist without an equal quantity of antimatter... 
[Ultrons are their own antimatter; they are sinusoidal between "matter" and "antimatter," between the limits of the speed of light. P.F.G.]

...the symmetry between matter and antimatter seems to be deep-rooted in the laws of physics. 
[As deep as you can get; the Unified Concept. P.F.G.] 

...Clearly, we can be sure that the Earth is made of 100 per cent matter. 
[Yes; but, are we sure that the ultrons which coalesce to megultrons which turbulesce to phorbs are not equally matter and antimatter. P.F.G.] 

178 This type of `explanation'-the appeal to contrived initial conditions-falls into the category of saying that things are what they are because they are what they were. It cannot be called science. 
[This is OK, science, if you can show that what they were is unity. P.F.G.] 

GUTs to the rescue 
178 Rather than assuming that the excess of matter in the universe is god-given, a more satisfying explanation is... that initially there was complete symmetry between matter and antimatter and that...matter developed after the beginning by natural causes. 
[It must be realized that antimatter is something that exists as the reciprocal of matter; in this sense matter/antimatter is a ratio of unity with ultrons and continues as an intrinsic quality of all evolving coalescence and turbulescence. P.F.G.] 

10 My calculations indicate that our universe is closed. 
[In every intended sense, you are correct. There is a very fine sense of exception; it has to do with semantics concerning the beginning and the end. P.F.G.] 

10 Tryon argued...our universe resulted from a rare...huge quantum vacuum fluctuation... 
[Rare, huge, quantum, fluctuation . . . He's got-he's on to-something here! (Sounds like his mind has been working on the "Ultimate Why." P.F.G.] 

10 ...our Universe must be homogeneous, isotropic... 
[Depends upon what scale and degree you're willing to stretch these words to. I prefer to avoid them without disclaimers. The moment our universe began, inhomogeneity and anisotropy very gradually and non- linearly began; and increased with levels of condensation and subsequent expansions. P.F.G.] 

10 ...and must consist equally of matter and antimatter. 
[Only in the sense that fermions and bosons are your matter and antimatter. P.F.G.] 

10 ...a universe and antiuniverse may have been created... 
[Not if the Time Set theory is correct. P.F.G.] 

10 ...the inflationary...models...entail...a multitude of universes. 
[This is not correct unless multitude means infinite; and, most likely, only in a sense or at a singular moment, before the milieu when time is set. P.F.G.]

Key predictions of steady state cosmology were that: 

1. There was and is creation of one hydrogen atom per cubic metre per 10^10 yr. Creation is assumed to occur out of the vacuum, radically violating their law of conservation of mass and energy: One expects antimatter to also be produced, leading to a gamma ray background that results from occasional annihilations of protons and antiprotons. One does not want to also violate another fundamental law, namely the law of conservation of electric charge. Hence another possible form for newly created matter is neutrons. These decay and leave behind hot x-ray emitting gas pervading the universe. Neither the expected cosmic gamma rays or x-rays were seen, so that the theory was modified to postulated creation only in dense cores which we identified with the nuclei of galaxies. 
2. No evolution at great distance could have occurred. Radio source counts tested this. N(>f) is the number observed brighter than flux f, which for a source at distance d luminosity L is given by f=L/4pi d^2. So the distance to which one can see in a flux-limited survey of sources with identical L is d=(L/4pi f)^1/2. Now the total number measured in all-- sky survey is N=(4/3)pi d^3n, where n is the source density. The steady state model predicts that n=constant, so that N(> f) is proportional to d^3 or (L/f)^3/2, predicting that as the survey sensitivity is increased (or as f is lowered), then N(>f) should increase as f^{-3/2} in Euclidean space. Observations revealed a much stronger increase in source counts. Proponents of the steady state model in the 1950s argued that we might be living in a very local hole. However, subsequent optical identifications and distance determinations have shown the radio sources primarily to be radio galaxies and quasars that are several billions of Mpc away from us, demonstrating that evolution must be occurring over a time--scale of order 10^{10} yr. Luminous radio emitting galaxies were far more frequent in the past than they are seen to be today. 

The final blow to the steady state theory came with the discovery of the cosmic microwave background in 1964. This was direct evidence of radiation originating in a dense hot phase of the universe, as predicted by the Big Bang theory. It is characterized by a blackbody spectrum appropriate to a blackbody at 2.75 degrees Kelvin. The intensity of such a cold blackbody peaks at a wavelength of 1 mm, in the microwave band. To explain such radiation in a steady state model requires one to postulate the universal presence of millimeter sized dust grains that would absorb an intense radiation field produced by many exceptionally luminous galaxies and reradiate it at the appropriate temperature. This interpretation is so contrived and requires so many special assumptions that it is generally regarded as being highly implausible. 

a circle



Alpha (motion = y-axis)




a = apogee M = Mean (s2 / v)
c = chord, major o = opposing wave crest
d = diagonal p = perigee
E = Energy, Internal r = radius
f = Force s = soliton
H = Harmonic T = Tau (time, etc. = x-axis)


= Harmonic Ratio


= Conceptual Unit
i = Brunardot Iteration v = vector
I = Infinity line (x-axis) w = wave crest
inc. = increment between "i"s x = foci
K = Unimetric Factor

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