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      To explain the mathematics of Unimetry as applied to resolving the enigmas of physics; and, also, to answer questions; such as:

          How does the internal structure of Light account for Light's "constant speed"; and, How does this internal structure evolve such that the phenomena of matter is observed?; and, How does the seminal structure of matter resolve the mystery of the long-sought, missing, "exotic" dark-matter structures?

          What is the source, and structure, of the "vacuum fluctuations" that account for all the energy and material within the Universe?; and, How does all the phenomena of Reality return to this source?

         How does the atom acquire all its energy?; and, What holds that energy within the atom?

         How do three phenomena manifest as the illusion of "attraction-at-a- distance". . . Gravity?  And:  how and why is said Gravity composed of two reactive, opposing forces; one of which is the often overlooked force of Cosmic Inertia?  (Cosmic Inertia is often referred to as "dark energy," which is the force that underlies accelerating galactic recession.)

         How, and why, certain Ellipses and Prime Numbers reconcile the formulas of Light and Gravity?

        Why is antimatter not found in Nature?; and, Why are solitons and Einstein's entanglement found everywhere that's assiduously scrutinized. 

        What is Unimetry with its proof that the Natural integers: "One" and "Zero" are congruent and equivalent?   And, Unimetry also demonstrates that 2,3,4... equal -1, -2, -3...; and, that the natural prime numbers are uniformly distributed.

        And, so on . . .                                            .

      Thus, Brunardot's Reality provides an alternative rationalization for the environment of existence.  And, said rationalization provides cohesive explanations for twelve of the most salient questions that have confounded academic Science, Theology, and Philosophy from the beginnings of consciousness to the present.  This alternative rationalization is referred to as Conceptualism.

      Conceptualism embraces Oneness and is supported by the fundamental concepts of mathematics; Conceptualism is consistent with Intelligent Inquiry, philosophical logic, scientific method, and observation. 

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