Coalescents are one of the four states of Light, which are all composed of Fluences.  The four states in the order of their evolution are: Coalescents, Oscillescents, Soloids, and Dissipents.

Fluences are somewhat analogous to solitons.

The structure of Coalescents is referred to as Ephemeloids, or E-loids, which have an internal structure that are heuristically described by Conceptual Ellipses.

Ephemeloids are ephemeral and fill the Dyosphere between the Duality of Infinity.

The four realms of the Equilibrium Theory of Reality are: Coalescence, Propagation, Compression, and Dissipation, which are respectively the locales of Coalescents, Oscillescents, Soloids, and Dissipents, which are respectively associated with Ephemiloids, Oscilloids, Ultrons, and atoms.

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