An Ephemeloid is the resultant structure of Coalescents.  Coalescents are one of the three states of Light.  The states in the order of their evolution are: Coalescents, Oscillescents, and Dissipents.

An Ephemeloid is the seminal structure of Nature as Coalescents are the seminal phenomenon of Nature.  Coalescents and Ephemeloids coexist and are entirely dependent upon one another; they are simultaneous manifestations of the Unified Concept.

The internal structure of Ephemeloids is heuristically described by Brunardot Natural ellipses.  Ephemeloids are ephemeral because the minor diameter of their heuristic elliptical structure is not a unit value as established by the Conceptual Unit; and, thus, Ephemeloids cannot support a stable array of twelve solitons that are required for the creation of Oscilloids, a prototype Ultron.

Oscilloids evolve through coalescence from Ephemeloids; and Oscilloids propagate to Ultrons.  Ultrons are responsible for "dark matter" phenomena.

Ephemeloids populate the Dyosphere between Reality and the Universe where they either cease to exist or coalesce to Oscilloids.

The four realms of the Equilibrium Theory of Reality are: Coalescence, Propagation, Compression, and Dissipation, which are respectively the locales of solitons linked as waves that are, respectively, referred to as Coalescents (Ephemeloids), Oscillescents (Oscilloids and Ultrons), and Dissipents (atoms).

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