Natural integers     


The concept of Natural integers is fundamental to Conceptualism.

Natural integers do not include the negative integers.

Zero, "0"; and plus One, "+1," have special positions and possess some unique properties, which set them apart from the other Natural integers; both are, however, Natural integers when acting as "placeholders" on a unit scale or during some mathematical manipulations.

Natural integers are those integers which are naturally generated by seminal motion as described by the Unified Concept, Brunardot ellipses, and the Brunardot Series.

Each Natural integer, except plus one, "+1," as the soliton of a Brunardot ellipse, creates a unique ellipse. 

Each negative integer generates the same Conceptual ellipse as a positive integer, which is one scale unit higher than the negative integer;

thus, -1=+2; -2=+3; -3=+4; ...

Because there are no negative Natural integers, Reality is a "positive" manifestation; and, thus is explained why the Universe does not consist of "negative" matter.

Numbers can be thought of as place holders on a scale which slides.  The important aspect is not their order such as "positive" or "negative" but how many place holders there are.

Zero, "0," represent unique qualities from that of Natural integers; and, is thus, a singularity; with characteristics of Infinity.  Zero, "0," as a placeholder can be substituted with any other interger. 

Because of the universal acceptance of integers that do not include the exceptions of Natural integers, Natural integers can be a difficult concept to grasp.  However, if carefully considered, it should be noticed that the generally accepted integers are without foundation or logic; in a relativistic environment, it is the Natural integers that are logical.

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