ONEness, as defined in Conceptualism, is a term specifically intended to exclude any anthropomorphic connotations.

ONEness is another term for Infinity; and is therefore, an absolute . . . a singularity.

ONEness is a term implying that something can be neither added to nor divided--i.e., a description of a singularity, which is a description of Infinity.

ONEness is a term familiar to almost all religions; yet, for most persons it does not seem to possess all the divisive connotations of the words "god" and "creator";  both these words have strong, objectionable, anthropomorphic connotations.

ONEness is an expression that metaphorically implies ultimate creation; as, Reality's existence is a manifestation of Seminal Motion, a phenomenon of Infinity . . .ONEness.

ONEness is at the extreme opposite direction of evolution from that of humans; and thus, the anthropic concepts of design and concern are absolutely minimized.

ONEness, as another way of expressing Infinity, is the nexus of "creation."

[ONEness, when uniquely capitalized and italicized, is intended to be defined as it is used in Conceptualism.

Other common words, which have precise and unique definitions in Conceptualism are also indicated with particular styling; terms such as:  Reality, Infinity, Gravity, Universe, Consciousness, and LIGHT.]

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